East Linden Estates

Welcome to our Website!!!

Our website is designed to enlighten the residents of
East Linden Estates,
local realtors and perspective residents.

We are a Deed Restricted HOA, residents are able to check the Rules and Regulations, regarding changes to the exterior of their property. 
The Agricultural Control Committee (ACC FORM) is available as a PDF document which allows residents to gain approval for various changes.  In addition, the Bulletin Board advises residents of the latest community concerns and also allows those in various local clubs to spread this information to their neighbors. Additionally, residents are able to access current and back copies of the ELE Newsletter.

REALTORS are able to access our Covenants (Covenants) and ACC Guidelines (ACC Guidelines) in order to share this information with prospective buyers. In addition, proper contacts for various Officers and Committee Chairpersons are provided in the Contacts section.

For families seeking information about ELE and Spring Hill/Hernando County area, various information and links are provided to help make your searching more simple.